Name # of Images Java Script? Fixed / Liquid Site / Comments
Chunky Borders and corners with no images 0 N Fixed / Liquid Uses no images.
Lean and Clean CSS boxes 2 N Fixed TJKDesign
PNG transparency rounded corners using images 7 N Liquid Uses PNG images.
CSS Liquid Round Corners 6 N Fixed / Liquid Search-This
http://RoundedCornr 4 N Fixed / Liquid Online generator.
Transcorners 0 Y Fixed
More Rounded Corners with CSS 6 N Liquid Schillmania
Sweet Rounded Corners 1 Y Liquid
Online generator
Spanky Corners 4 N Liquid SitePoint.
Online generator
Mountaintop Corners 2 N Fixed A List Apart.
Uses definition list
Custom Corners & Borders: Part I 5 N Liquid A List Apart.
For solid backgrounds
Custom Corners & Borders: Part II 5 N Liquid A List Apart.
For gradient backgrounds
Simple Rounded Corner CSS Boxes 1 N Fixed Modx CMS.
Replaces Thrash Box
Spiffy Box 1 N Fixed SpiffyBox.
Online generator based on Thrash Box
Graphik Junkie 3 N Fixed Graphik Junkie
Single Image Rounded Corners 1 N Fixed / Liquid Phoenity
Custom Corners 3 N Fixed Interface-7
Bullet Proof Rounded Corners 4 N Liquid Albin.Net.
Images added via HTML not CSS
Rounded Corners in CSS 4 N Fixed Adam Kalsey
DomCorners 1, 2, 5 Y Liquid Web Graphics.
# of images based on layout
Transparent Custom Corners and Borders 2 Y Fixed 456 Berea Street
Customising custom corners and borders 2 Y Liquid 456 Berea Street
CSS teaser box 1 N Fixed 456 Berea Street
CSS teaser box revisited 2 N Liquid 456 Berea Street
News list 1 or 2 N Fixed 456 Berea Street
CSS Rounded Box Generator 5 N Fixed Neurotic Web.
Online generator
Round Corners 3 or 6 N Fixed or Liquid Sova v siti
Liquid box uses 8 divs
Rounded corners using CSS 4 N Liquid Maurice Svay
Simple Box 8 N Fixed / Liquid Sperling Corporation
Custom Bordered Boxes 1 or 2 N Fixed / Liquid Steve Clay.
Includes Fireworks source file
Liquid box with rounded corners 4 N Liquid Guy Fisher
Borders with curves 5 N Fixed Webcredible
Boxes with curves 4 N Fixed Webcredible
Rounded block or design with CSS & XHTML 3 N Fixed Alsacreations.
Uses definition list for markup
Resizable box with freely stylable corners & surface 4 N Liquid Andreas Kalt
Rounded corners in CSS 4 N Liquid Arve Bersvendsen.
Does not work in IE
Airtight Corners 1 N Fixed / Liquid Airtight Design Group.
Breaks on text resize
Broader Border Corners 4 N Liquid 24 Ways
Liquid round corners 4 N Liquid Tiscali
CSS: Smart Corners 4 N Liquid Mike Cherim
curvyCorners 0 Y Fixed / Liquid Curvy Corners.
Support forum; mailing list
Nifty Corners Cube 0 Y Fixed / Liquid
13 examples
Rico – Javascript Rounded Corners 0 Y Fixed Rico
Rounded Corners With CSS and JavaScript 0 Y Fixed Dev Articles
Add Fluid Borders to Your Boxes with CSS 0 N Fixed WebReference
Rounded Corners with CSS and JavaScript 4 Y Fixed SitePoint
MochiKit Rounded Corners 0 Y Liquid Mochikit
Octopus Engine 8 Y Liquid Dragon Labs.
Source package includes PSDs
Editsite Rounded Corners 0 Y Fixed
Anti-aliased Nifty Corners 0 Y Liquid Steven Wittens
Rounded Corners without Images 0 Y Liquid Seky
Snazzy Borders 0 N Fixed / Liquid CSS Play
Spiffy Corners 0 N Fixed / Liquid Spiffy Corners.
Online generator


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